You and a guest are invited to join us at Cary Senior Center for an informative workshop on Estate Planning!

A free workshop designed to help families create an estate planning strategy for their unique goals and needs.

"Not Another Estate Planning Seminar" @ Cary Senior Center

Monday, March 16th
10:30 AM

Tuesday, March 17th
6:30 PM

Thursday, March 19th
10:30 AM

Thursday, March 26th
6:30 PM

Cary Senior Center - Room 302

120 Maury Odell Pl.

Cary, NC 27513

Attend the workshop and leave with a much better understanding of estate planning in North Carolina and a clearer picture of the estate planning strategy that YOU need!

There is more to estate planning than deciding how to divvy up your assets when you die. It's also about having the peace of mind that your wishes will be fulfilled, that things will be easy for your kids after you're gone, and that you'll be protected during disability or incapacity.

Planning For Everyone

Estate planning is not only for the wealthy - everybody can benefit from ensuring their assets and finances are properly taken care of after their death.

Make Your Wishes Known

Without the proper planning in place, your kids and your wealth may be exposed to unintended risk and access to assets that may not be in their best interests.

Legal Safeguards

Avoid a court administered guardianship and make sure your family members or trusted friends have the legal rights to help coordinate you affairs and carrying out your wishes.

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Why this workshop is different:

You don't need a lawyer to talk at you for an hour and make a hard sales pitch at the end. You need education, clarity, answers to your questions, and an honest strategy that will deliver the outcome that YOU want and need.

You know you need to create, or update, an estate plan and it’s something you’ve been meaning to get around to. But the process seems so hard and expensive, and lawyers have such terrible bedside manner. 

Your needs and your life don’t fit into neat little boxes, so your estate planning solutions shouldn’t be limited to a one-size-fits-all estate plan. 

We take a comprehensive approach, diving deep into your specific wishes, fears, and planning nuances to create a narrowly tailored plan that meets your specific planning needs, and keep in touch to make sure your plan actually works.