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What Happens When I'm Gone?

Disability & Special Needs Planning for NC Parents

Online Special Needs Planning Workshop

Tuesday, April 16th
6:30 PM

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Planning ahead for a child with Special Needs can be easy, but most people just keep kicking the can down the road and never get the process started.

You can very easily and effectively make sure that your child’s critical public benefits will be maintained regardless of what happens in the future.

You can take control of your child’s future and appoint the right people to have the ability to take care of their needs with just a few proactive steps.

Even though your world revolves around the needs of your family, YOU also need to protect yourself from future uncertainty.

And when all of this is in place, you can finally attain the peace of mind and protection you’re seeking.

Discover the following in this comprehensive workshop:

Planning For Everyone

Special Needs planning is not only for your children, but for your entire family. You can benefit from ensuring your assets and finances are properly taken care of after your death.

Planning Tools

Learn about the pros & cons of ABLE Accounts (529A), Special Needs Trusts (SNTs), third party trusts and other tools available to you in order to ensure your wishes are carried out. 

Protect Your Child's Benefits

Discover which federal and state benefits are available to your family and how to protect them based on your unique needs and circumstances.  

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Why we created this workshop:

Estate planning is for everybody, not just the wealthy. Without an appropriate estate plan, friends and relatives can spend a lifetime (and their life savings) battling over your assets.

It can be intimidating, but it is a necessary step in ensuring that your assets end up where you want them, without the interference of the IRS or third parties.

During this educational workshop you will receive the valuable information you need in order to make an informed decision on how to best administer your estate and to make sure your best interest and wishes are carried out.